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Reasons to be Creative

REASONS is a 3 day conference with a festival vibe, held annually in Brighton UK. Every year the very best international creative and developer speakers take to the stage to wow, inspire, inform, entertain, thrill, teach and mix with web designers and coders that attend from all over the world.

We believe that todays professionals are multi-disciplined, and draw their inspiration from many different influences. We curate Reasons to be Creative with that in mind, bringing you the world's most talented designers, coders, creatives, film makers, animators, installation builders, illustrators, and artists and more.

Our stages have been graced by some of the most talented speakers in the world, including Stefan Sagmeister, Erik Spiekerman, Neville Brody, Paula Scher, John Maeda, Jeffrey Zeldman, James Victore, Kate Moross, Jon Burgerman, Brendan Dawes, Brosmind, Han Hoogerbrugge, Lernert & Sander and many, many more.

If you are passionate about the craft that goes into your work, then Reasons to be Creative is for you. We run 3 tracks over 3 full days. There is always something for everyone! Make no mistake, this is an event that you will walk away from inspired, enlightened, and with a bigger network than when you arrived.

Reasons to be Creative is a conference for web designers, coders, & anyone with a creative mind. It is always on the first Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of September every year. Reasons brings together the best in art, design, code, & inspiration, and is a fantastic 3 days of education and inspiration.

Featured speakers . . .

Not good with names or faces?

How many times have you seen a list of speakers or seen their photos and still do not have a clue? Then you've seen them speak, or someone has told you about them, and all of a sudden you know exactly who they are!

We have an incredible line-up of speakers with spectacular calibre! Let's see if we can help put some names to work that you will be familiar with. Where shall we start? OK, let's start with -

Someone who created the title sequences for Iron Man 1, 2, 3, Oblivion, Rock'n'Rolla, Sherlock Holmes and more.
Or the graphic designer behind The Grand Budapest Hotel.
The graphic designer responsible for the Spotify facelift might float your boat!
Have you ever thought you could invent something? You would seriously be interested in the inventor of Sugru!
The artist commissioned by MTV, Lewis Hamilton and Oxfam,
Who else? An illustrator who is regularly asked by DC Comics to illustrate has got to be top calibre,
The artist who did the wall graphic at Tate Britain?

Seriously, we could go on. All of the above are speaking and many more. Go discover them all here.

Why come to Reasons to be Creative?

Inspiration: Come away from Reasons to be Creative charged with inspiration to design, develop and create something wonderful. See and hear the creative process from the world's best speakers.

Education: Learn from industry leaders - how to's, tips & tricks and learn about emerging trends and technologies to creatively inspire you to take and use to build amazing work.

Motivation: Re-charge those batteries by submersing yourself in 3 days of stellar talks, stunning work, and get motivated to go away and do amazing work.

Connect: Surround yourself by like-minded people that generate an amazing atmosphere, meet peers, who share your passion for art, design, code & inspiration.

Who attends Reasons?

Designers, developers, coders, managers, game developers, artists, film makers, sound designers, illustrators, animators and newbies all come to Reasons to be Creative! The type of people who come to Reasons, are the ones who agonises over the details, care about their craft, want to know what peers are creating, be aware of what the world's best are up to and choosing to surround themselves with the best in design, code and inspiration. If that sounds like you, then you should attend.

For the 10th year in a row, we have another phenomenal line up of speakers. This is a chance to see over 35+ of the best minds in art, design and code, delivering 3 full days of awe-inspiring sessions from the worlds best speakers! Do not miss out! Obvs!

We say this: if you are only interested in how to build a widget, or a snippet of code, then there is plenty of training online. If you want a massive fix of inspiration, motivation, to connect with your peers, AND those code snippets, then this is the event for you!

Reasons is guaranteed to reach your 'wow-receptors'. You will leave pumped with ideas, a bigger network, and eager to create great work!

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