What Reasons?

Reasons to be Creative is a conference for web designers, coders, & anyone with a creative mind. It takes place in Brighton, UK, and is always on the first Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of September every year. Reasons brings together the best in art, design, code, & inspiration, and is a fantastic 3 days of education and inspiration.

If you are passionate about the craft that goes into your work, then this conference is for you. Bringing you the world's most talented designers, coders, creatives, film makers animators, installation builders, illustrators, and artists presenting 3 tracks over 3 full days. Make no mistake, this is an event that you will walk away from inspired, enlightened, and with a bigger network than when you arrived.

Who should attend?

If you are a designer, developer, coder, manager, game developer, artist, animator or a newbie, then you should not miss this event! If you are the type of person who agonises over the details, care about your craft, and you choose to surround yourself with the best in design, code and inspiration, then you should attend.

For the 8th year in a row, we have another phenomenal line up of speakers. This is your chance to see over 35+ of the best minds in art, design and code, delivering 3 full days of awe-inspiring sessions, plus workshops that will give you in-depth training from the worlds best speakers! Do not miss out! Obvs!

If you are only interested in how to build a widget, or a snippet of code, then go get some training. If you want to get your fix of inspiration, motivation, AND those code snippets, then this is the event for you!

Reasons is guaranteed to reach your 'wow-receptors'. You will leave pumped with ideas, a bigger network, and eager to create great work!


We have 3 really terrific workshops for you to choose from for 2014, by some of the most respected minds in their fields.

Workshops are held on Sunday 31st Aug:

Say What?

I had a great time at Reasons when I came to Brighton. Listening to and meeting the amazing roster of genius's all under one roof for a couple of days gave my brain a super potent, mega strong, expresso-style shot of inspiration, excitement, (jealousy) and energy. I left the festival excited and raring to get back to work. I felt like Gareth Bale galloping at full pelt, tearing down the pitch at a petrified opponent, albeit with my felt-pen (Bale) and a piece of blank paper (the opponent).

Jon Burgerman

Great speakers from the gritty end of web development to the pointy end of science. I learned about SVG animation optimisation and creating cybernetic organisms in the same day, loved it!

Jake Archibald

I don't know of any other conference that manages to balance speakers for such varied disciplines and also maintain a consistent message of inspiration throughout. All of this is presented in an extremely friendly environment over three magnificent stages. John Davey has got an amazing thing going on with Reasons.

Elliot Jay Stocks

I love talking at conferences, but I REALLY LOVE talking at conferences where I'm as (if not more) excited to see the other speakers on stage as the audience is! Reasons to be Creative always has such amazing lineups - all of the speakers are full of energy and inspiration.

Jessica Hische

Reasons to be Creative ain't some tool for your creative kit-- it's a God damn machete to hack your way out of the Wilderness. Go! And talk to EVERYONE!

James Victore

Reasons was an amazing blur of design inspiration, technology and just the right level of 'shop talk'. It was an honor to share the stage with so many different kinds of creators, and hear everyone's behind the scenes stories about a geeky obsession to our work.

Carla Diana

Reasons to Be Creative inspires, and helps you see the big picture of the work you're doing. Attendees leave brimming with creative energy ready to make their best work.

Aarron Walter

Reasons to Be Creative is a wonderful event. John stops at nothing to put together a stellar roster of speakers that are a great mix of knowledgable, inspiring, and entertaining. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more well-rounded conference in our industry.

Dan Mall

The Reasons to Be Creative is truly a special get together, but it would be impossible to separate the festival from the man behind it: John Davey is a warm, charismatic, charming, involved host to the attendees, sponsors, and speakers. He cherry picks a delightful smorgasbord of talent from all creative disciplines. There is something for everyone - as well as plenty that you didn't even know you would love. It truly feels like a family affair for all involved. Hats off to this event!

Sara Blake

Reasons to be Creative provides exciting presentations, kind audiences and cheap drinks, a fantastic mix for truly memorable three days on the beach in Brighton

Stefan Sagmeister

I have spoken at a few different tech and design conferences around the world but there is just something about speaking in Brighton that fuels me like no other conference can. Add to that the unbridled charm of the creator and host, John Davey, and you have something special... something worth experiencing at least once.

Robert Hodgin

Imagine you're a particle... and the strange attractor is the Reasons to be Creative conference, where you orbit tightly for a few days out of the year. The inspiration will recharge the creative mind and the similar particles you meet will affect you on a personal and professional for the rest of your life. This is not hyperbole, it simply is a personal, honest reflection of how great this gig is.

Dr. Woohoo

Amazing speakers, great atmosphere and the perfect location! Reasons to be Creative is an event not to miss!

Mike Kus

Speaking at Reasons To Be Creative was a terrific experience - impeccably organised, a friendly atmosphere and an enthusiastic audience. Plus it helps that John Davey is extremely huggable.

Yves Peters

From the killer lineup of amazing talent that spanned so many fields to the organization of the event to the beautiful location in Brighton, Reasons To Be Creative was one of the most inspiring design events I've ever been to. I left with so many ideas and such good vibes from the work I saw and the people I met.

Chuck Anderson

We just came back from Reasons to be Creative and it was a truly amazing experience. Great conference, great venue, great host, great city. You really feel like home in Brighton. Thank you for everything! Looking forward to do it again.

Royal Bandit

Reasons to Be Creative is a fantastic chance to inhale vast quantities of inspiration, from across disciplines and into the future.

Jer Thorp

Being a seasoned veteran of the design & animation world, finding inspiration can be like crossing the Sahara desert on foot without a supply of water. Until I discovered the oasis that is the Reasons to be Creative where my thirst for inspiring creativity was quenched with an abundance of talented speakers and attendees. I came away from the conference with a new found excitement for all that is creative and wet.

Chris Georgenes

Maybe it's the beautifully curated sessions, maybe it's the sea air, but there's a very special vibe at Reasons that leaves you coming away inspired and eager to go and make something wonderful.

Brendan Dawes

Thanks to John and the team at Reasons To festival. It was super to see everyone and make new friends. Thanks John, for being part of the glue that sticks the community together. Sharing is caring, I felt energised and inspired amongst sea gulls, sand and sandwiches.

Jon Burgerman

Reasons was easily one of the most engaging and diverse events I have ever attended, let alone spoken at. I left Brighton energised and excited, my head full of ideas from a dozen or so fantastic talks across familiar and unexpected topics.

Simon Collison

John puts on the grand events with world-class presenters, yet still manages to make the atmosphere feel like a house party with your best mates.

Andy Polaine

Reasons to be Creative is one of those intimate conferences where you all feel like family.. John runs a very tight production, and bringing all the personalities together into one small and cozy town like Brighton is a lot of fun for all... One of my favorites of the year!


A plethora of inspiration and non-stop indulgence

Naomi Atkinson

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