Venue address

Our Brighton event takes part in The Brighton Dome, Church Street, Brighton, BN1 1EE.
Our London event takes part in The British Library, 96 Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 2DB.

Puchase Orders/Invoice Payments

We like to make purchasing your tickets as easy as possible. We understand that sometimes a third party such as a purchasing or finance department will purchase your tickets on your behalf. To ease this, tickets can be purchased by credit card, or ‘Pay by Invoice’. If tickets are purchased using the Pay by Invoice option, we kind­ly ask that you fol­low the cri­te­ria below — if you’re not pay­ing the invoice please be sure to pass this infor­ma­tion to the per­son who will;

  • Payment is due 14 days after book­ing — please pay with­in this timeframe
  • Our bank details can be found on our invoice for your bank transfer
  • When making a bank transfer please ensure to add your book­ing num­ber as a reference
  • If you are mak­ing an inter­na­tion­al pay­ment, please cover all fees including bank transfers and currency conversion. If these aren’t paid we reserve the right to issue a fur­ther invoice to cov­er these costs
  • Please con­tact John Davey if you have any queries

Is VAT being charged on my ticket?

This is a common ques­tion. Yes, VAT is applic­a­ble on all tick­ets — this is because the ‘Place of Sup­ply’ is where the ​‘Event’ is actu­al­ly tak­ing place. This means that VAT must be charged at the applic­a­ble rate where the event occurs.

How do EU purchasers recover the VAT?

Tax­able enti­ties with­in the EU should claim any VAT refund enti­tle­ment through the por­tal of their home state tax col­lec­tion agency, for exam­ple Irish Tax­able enti­ties should recov­er French VAT incurred through the por­tal of the Rev­enue Com­mis­sion­ers in the Repub­lic of Ire­land- please note how­ev­er that there is often a de min­imis claim lev­el before refunds can be claimed.

How do non-EU purchasers recover the VAT?

The abil­i­ty to recov­er VAT incurred by a non EU enti­ty will depend entire­ly upon any reci­procity agree­ment that may be in force between the coun­try in which the VAT was incurred and the Coun­try where the non EU client is based. Addi­tion­al advices will need to be tak­en if this sce­nario applies.

How can I get the best price or other discounts?

We usually go on sale in late March - beginning of April. If you are signed up to our newsletter, you will be first to get news such as tickets going on sale, and of any special promo's.

Any special deals if I send my team?

Absolutely! If you are sending more than 6 people! We have 6+ pack deals. Of course, there is another way to send a lot of your team - become a partner. We have many partner opportunities that include tickets, so you get the best of all worlds - brand visibility, tickets, and great inspiration and motivation for your team!

How do I qualify for student pricing?

Students always get a great deal.
Email us at: from your student email account and we will send you a link to get student tickets.
Please note: to qualify for student tickets, you must be in full time education and must have a current valid student ID.

Can I register at the event?

Sure, if we have places, but, tickets are much cheaper in advance.

How do I collect my ticket and register for the conference?

Once you register online, your details will be added to our attendee database. Prior to the event, we will email all attendees with directions and registration open times for you to pick up your badge, event program, swag, and attendee t-shirts.

What if I have to cancel?

Cancellations, name changes and general terms are found here.

I want to plan who I see.

Great. Our schedule will show you who is speaking in which theatre at what time. It will also tell you what type of talk it will be - such as design, code, film, illustration etc. The schedule can be found over here.

When is the full lineup announced??

Speakers are announced regularly from site launch in late April; the best way to stay up to date is ensure you are subscribed to our newsletter.

I went to Reasons to last year, is there new stuff for me this year?

Duh! Yeah!

Absolutely, every year we wanna make it fresh and new content. We like our speakers to talk about their wins, their failures, how they overcome hurdles. Tell us the good the bad and the warts, and share how to get through all that. We try every year to bring new faces, and only bring back speakers who we haven't seen for a while. That helps keep it fresh.

I am new to Brighton, where do I stay? Eat? Drink?

Check out our Location page. There is tons of info on getting to and from Brighton, where to stay, and more.

Are there networking opportunities?

We have plenty of breaks to grab a coffee and say hi to people. We have evening get-togethers. But of course, a lot of it is down to you. If you don't want to talk to anyone, the likelihood is that your networking will not be as successful as those who do want to chat and share. Rule of thumb: Bring plenty of business cards, stickers if you like, and be willing to hand them out and trade them!