Clicky has sadly come to an end

It is with huge sadness and heavy heart that I have decided to bring to an end. I want to thank everyone involved over the past 14 years including all of the amazing speakers, partners, staff, volunteers, and attendees that went into making them such special events that will live long in the memory., along with Geeky by Nature and Flash on the Beach have been the most incredible part of my life. The talent that has graced the stages have been some of the most inspirational, informative, eye-opening wonderful people I know, many of whom, I am proud to have as personal friends.

Right from the start in 2006, my aim was always to run an event that I would want to attend; one full of character, positive energy, like-minded people, and awe-inspiring content. I put as much effort into the production of the event as I did finding the best speakers that I could find. I wanted the quality of the experience to be second to none, as much as I wanted the speakers on stage to deliver exciting and inspirational content.

My vision has always been to find the most amazing speakers in as varied creative backgrounds as possible. I believe that creativity is the lifeblood of most people. Seeing and hearing how these wonderful talents could evoke emotion, joy, inspiration and open-mouthed awe through art, design, illustration, film, sound, animation and more, was one of the most important gifts that we can share.

My heart beats faster whenever I think of the amazingly creative people behind the content that we have witnessed on the stages at the events over the years: beautiful typography, mind-blowing film titles, hilarious TV ads, stunning photography, delicate illustrations, stunning design, or learning about the intricate details that have gone into an amazing piece of work.

Many people will share my affection for the past events, with it's festival vibe and intimate nature. I have, and will reflect on the times that I have sat in a theatre, lights dimming, music fading, eagerly awaiting some of the most fantastic talks, amazing stories, and stunningly crafted content.

Ending the event, which has been the biggest passion in my career, has been a painful and very saddening decision, but ultimately, everything comes to an end.

I would like to sign off with a quote by Dr. Seuss which sums up the the spirit in which to end:
'Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.'


I will remember with fondness all of the people I have met at the Brighton, London and New York events, and the inspiration that we have shared. If you have memories or stories about any of the, Geeky by Nature or Flash on the Beach events that you attended, please feel free to email me them including images, and I will put together a blog that will look back on and reflect on these terrific years. If you would like to stay connected, I am johnnybelmont on Twitter and Instagram.