Dave Schroeder

Dave Schroeder


Dave Schroeder operates Pilotvibe. He’s a commercial composer and sound designer. Established in 2000, Pilotvibe offers up original loops and tracks for licensing and creates custom music and soundfx. For all the skinny and to listen in, visit (

His work has been exhibited at Resfest, Slamdance, Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, and the Soap Factory. Clients and projects include Adobe, American Express, AOL, Ford, Independent Games Festival, Intel, Marvel Comics, Nike, PBS, Rebok, Sony-Erikson, Sony Pictures, Target, Toyota, This American Life and Yahoo!.

He also runs the annual Flashbelt conference in sexy Minneapolis. He spoke this year at the FlashForward Conferences in Seattle and Austin. He fears no pint, reveres the metric system, and remains suspicious of Marmite. He believes good music and sound design will help us all live healthier, happier lives.


Avoid That Sucking Sound (on the Beach)

ItÕs very common for Flash developers and designers to find themselves in the unexpected role of sound designer. ItÕs also common for creative people (communicators) to want to harness the potential of sound and integrate it into their projects.

Obtaining a basic understanding of the key principles and practices of the discipline, and learning a few tips and tricks of the trade, can significantly improve interactive audio.

Attendees will learn practical skills including planning and producing cohesive sonic environments, gathering, generating and manipulating sound, and how to capitalize on audioÕs unique abilities to communicate information, sensation, and emotion.


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