David Dunkley Gyimah

David Dunkley Gyimah


If a large chunk of the web is about information, news, video, and an aesthetic to woo readers, how d'you combine them all?

David has worked for the likes of the BBC TV and Radio, Channel 4 News and ABC News and is behind a new trend of what's called Quine media publishing, where one person shoots, cuts, codes, mixes and publishes film, multimedia docs, articles , pods and photos in one swoop.

In recent times he's worked for Nato, Lennox Lewis and The UK Press Association, where he's training Print Journalists to become video journalists.

He is the recipient of the Batten Award for Innovation in Journalism, singularly beating major outfits like Newsweek and the New York Times and was a runner up in Channel 4's Unleash the talent for co-creatinf interactive documentaries.

David's speaking sessions have seen him at the Apple Store, National Press Club Washington, hosting the UK film council's digital opportunities and more recently Knock Knock in Denmark.

His current project is videohyperlinking, the Outernet and his short film 8 days went on to win a major UK publishing innovation of the year award.

His works has been talked about in Blue Print, Creation, Computer Arts International, The Economist and The Sunday Times new name a few.



shoot.cut.code.mix.publish the zen of video journalism for the web - publishing 5 ways

The session will introduce delegates to the growing practise of videojournalism, refered to as vloggers on steroids, robo journos or solojos.

Increasingly being deployed across networks including CNN, the BBC, New York Times, Kevin Sites and Here's how you create your own compelling news.

David unveils tricks of the trade, shooting strong lean footage for stories and from that publishing a further 4 ways: the pod, mutimedia story e.g. Interactive documentary, article, and stills.