Edwin van Rijkom

Edwin van Rijkom


Edwin Van Rijkom is a Master's candidate in software engineering at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

He founded the Screenweaver Open Source project that aims to contribute to a new, strong, open source platform for deploying Flash outside the browser.

Prior to his studies Edwin developed numerous commercial Flash tools ('SwiffTOOLS') using C++ and Delphi.


Screenweaver haXe

The Screenweaver Open Source project aims at providing tools for deploying Flash outside the browser. The project's latest product is called Screenweaver haXe, and was developed in close collaboration with Nicolas Cannasse, the creator of MTASC and the haXe programming language.

During my session I will demonstrate how to use Screenweaver HX in conjunction with haXe and the Flash authoring environment to create powerfull Flash interfaced crossplatform desktop applications