Francis Bourre

Francis Bourre


Francis Bourre is lead developer at Paris-based who clients include Ubisoft, EA Games, Michelin, Sony, Eidos, Nintendo and Apple Computer.

In parallel, he worked on various projects such as isometric multi-users engine (, msn flash client and an Open Source AS 2.0 framework for applications and games development named pixLib (

Francis is known for his eclectism (electro-jazz musician and novel writer) and his esthetic code approach. He wrote many articles and tutorials about OOP and design patterns.


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Game Development But Were Afraid to Ask

This session is a case study of 'Lord of the rings Battle for middle earth 2' multi-users tactical flash game, created for EA Games.

Francis deconstructs this game, from concept to technical execution. He gives the keys to reduce project development time and increasing quality results.

Focuses :

Gameplay, design approach and technical choices to fit client needs.
Game architecture and oop approach, think modular.
Code reuse, templates and libraries.
Collaborative work with designers (assets integration, versioning).
Dealing with sound, animations and video effects.
Deploy 3D isometric display, easy as hell.
Multi-users basics design.
Benchmark and debug process.
Ranking, viral marketing, security and cheating, the warhammer.
This session is constructed to offer technical and inspirational vision of game development.

This session is mainly targeted to developers but offers to anyone real world solutions to avoid common pitfalls and improve team workflow.

After the session attendees will walk away with how-to-techniques and tips on better design and development to build efficient solutions for online game industry.