Geoff Stearns

Geoff Stearns


Geoff is a senior software developer at Schematic, where he develops websites and web applications for many Fortune 500 clients.

Among the list of clients he has worked with are Adobe, Comcast, GameTap, New York's MoMA, MTV, Snapple, Starz (Vongo), XM Radio, and Sony Pictures Classics.

He is the author of the SWFObject Flash Player detection script and is an expert in Flash / Javascript interaction.

Geof also teaches front-end web development at The Cooper Union in New York, and maintains a weblog at, where he discusses Flash and web development.


Flash in a Web 2.0 world

In recent years as Web Standards and Javascript become more attractive as a development platform, the position of Flash is becoming a bit fuzzy. Developers are facing new challenges when building for the web and facing more restraints as accessibility requirements catch up with the real world.

This session will cover techniques and tips on how to use Flash successfully in this "Web 2.0" world, as well as look at the websites and applications that use Flash along side Javascript/HTML/CSS to provide the best user experience. We'll look at the best ways to integrate Flash with your website or application, and dive into other important topics such as search engine optimization and general best practices when using Flash today.

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