Hoss Gifford

Hoss Gifford


Hoss Gifford is the founder of the award-winning, Glasgow-based new media agency Flammable Jam and currently works as a freelance interactive director.

He is the co-author of several books including New Masters of Flash and Flash Video Creativity. In addition to speaking engagements, Gifford takes on personal commissions such as the Life of Pi promo at

He has something to amuse and offend just about everyone and is particularly proud of his popular (Scotland)


Creative Evolution: Behind the Scenes

8 years ago Hoss was working for the man, building the latest Flash website for Burger King. Today, Hoss works out of his own small studio, just having completed an installation for the passenger lifts inside a childrenÕs hospital.

This transformation has brought a liberating freedom that few creatives enjoy. Its backbone has been an evolution of skills that has seen some types of project die off and others flourish.

In this session Hoss tells the tales of this creative journey, showing all new work, complete with the dirty breakdown of how it was all done, where things went wrong and how you can learn from his mistakes.

The highlights include:

How and when to get fired
How to get noticed
How to spot the wanker client
The top 10 things to do to keep yourself out of trouble
How to go bankrupt
How to get your dream project
How to get paid to learn new stuff
How and why to pretend to be an artist

Hoss also starred at: