Jon Harris

Jon Harris


Jon spent the early part of his career working alongside Macromedia as their creative arm in the UK, or rather arms, legs body and head, he does miss those 24 hour days... NOT! Well he does a little bit...

It made sense after designing for Macromedia to work for Macromedia and he joined as Technical Sales Manager for Northern Europe and spent the next 4 years travelling the length and breadth of the UK and Scandinavia. Anybody that stood still long enough would find themselves learning about the wonder of the web, the importance of usability and accessibility for all.

After a 12 month dabble with Breeze (that’s the product not some fascination with part open windows) he moved into the Macromedia mobile team and spent 2 years making sure Flash was taken seriously by the mobile operators throughout Europe.

In more recent times Jon has hung up his travelling boots and has now been resident at Microsoft for the last 4 months, and what a 4 months. New technologies to test, new products to use, new boundaries to break, new people to excite, a new rollercoaster to ride... and Jon loves rollercoasters.

He also has one of the coolest job titles in the world ‘User Experience Evangelist’


Check out my Expression!

User Experience has always been one of the biggest differentiators for both desktop applications and the web but it has never really reached the main stream computer user... until now.

During the session weÕll be lifting the lid on whatÕs been cooking over at Microsoft. As well as showing the art of the possible, delving into the new Expression products and ÔotherÕtechnologies, weÕll also be show casing demos that run on Windows, in IE and beyond...

If you think you know what to expect from Microsoft... think again.

Looking forward to seeing you in the session.