Michael Ninness

Michael Ninness


Michael Ninness grew up in the Redwoods of Arcata in Northern California. He moved to Seattle in 1989 to study for a Graphic Design BFA at the University of Washington and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest.

He paid his way through design school by teaching professional designers and photographers digital imaging tools and techniques.

Michael was the former LiveMotion Group Product Manager and a Senior UI Designer for the Creative Suite at Adobe, and was a Program Manager for Expression Interactive Designer at Microsoft.

In early 2005, Michael returned to his teaching roots and joined the team at, an award-winning publisher of self-paced online video training, CDs, books and events for designers, photographers, developers, instructors, students and hobbyists. Michael is a frequent and top-rated presenter at numerous industry events including Photoshop World, PhotoPlus Expo, PMA, Macworld, FlashForward, Web Design World and Pacific New Media at the University of Hawaii. He is the author of the Photoshop CS2 Essential Training, Photoshop Power Shortcuts and Photoshop CS2 and Flash 8 Integration video training titles published by, and is an occasional contributor to Photoshop User magazine.


Photoshop to Flash:Optimizing Pixels and Workflow

Now that Adobe and Macromedia have merged, getting Photoshop and Flash to play together nicely is more relevant than ever.

Getting a layered Photoshop document into Flash continues to be a time consuming and tedious process.
This session will teach you several workarounds that can finally make this headache go away. Also covered -- how Flash handles embedded bitmap files, how you can control the optimization of each bitmap independently, and several other Photoshop to Flash integration issues.

Preserving layers when importing a PSD into Flash
How to control Flash•À_s optimization settings for embedded bitmaps
How to load external JPEGs, PNGs and GIFs into a SWF file at runtime
How to handle inconsistent Photoshop to Flash color issues
Photoshop tips for making your images for Flash look their best

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