Mike Downey

Mike Downey


Mike Downey is the Sr. Product Manager for Flash at Adobe Systems.

Mike has been passionately involved with web technologies since the late 90s when he began working with software like Macromedia Flash, which became the standard for motion and interactivity on the Internet.

Since joining Macromedia in 2000 (which later merged with Adobe Systems) he has strived to share this passion with customers all over the world.

As an experienced instructor, presenter, and developer, Mike has met with thousands of designers, developers, and technologists through numerous live and online events.

Mike has also been a featured presenter at conferences such as FlashForward, FiTC, Macworld, Spark, WebDU, Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne, Macromedia MAX and several others.


Flash and the Adobe Engagement Platform

In his keynote address, Mike Downey, Sr. Product Manager for Flash at Adobe, and his colleagues will share Adobe's vision for the future direction of Flash and the pivotal role it plays in the Adobe Engagement Platform.

Attendees will learn what the world's best Flash designers and developers can expect now that Adobe and Macromedia are a unified team.


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