Nicolas Cannasse

Nicolas Cannasse


Nicolas Cannasse is the author of the popular MTASC opensource ActionScript2 compiler.

He's also co-founder of Motion-Twin, a French Flash games company where he's in charge of research and development.

He's interested in a lot of low and high level programming subjects and japanese culture.


Revolution 2.0

If you have been using MTASC, you already know what Revolution 1.0 was. If not, Nicolas will quickly explain what MTASC does and how it was a Revolution for the Flash programmer.

Then Nicolas will talk about haXe, and how it will change the way you think about programming either a Flash movie or a complete Website. If you feel that your current workflow could be improved, Nicolas will demonstrate how single users or large teams can leverage haXe to cut down on time spent doing repetitive tasks.

haXe is the developer's best friend, optimized to bring the best productivy, without sacrificing either long-term Maintainability or Fun :)