Phillip Kerman

Phillip Kerman


Phillip has been teaching Flash since version 3 and writing since version 5.

His books appeal to new Flash users and burgeoning programmers.

Although he understands great projects involve the work of many dedicated people, he's not shy to point out that he was the primary programmer for such familiar projects as the original Millennium Three site (, the real-time cattle auction (, the "other cool chair", and the Witness to History kiosk featured in Communication Arts.


Practical Effects: Special Effects with a Purpose

Phillip's session will be covering using "special effects" in very practical ways. For example, using the Bevel and DropShadow filters to make a drag-and-drop interaction more tactile.

Phillip will also share some of the useful things you can do with the BitmapData class. For example, performing a cross fade by effectively taking a snapshot of the object fading out using BitmapData.draw(). [MORE TO COME]