Richard Leggett

Richard Leggett


Richard Leggett, AKQA. Richard has 5 years of experience developing with Flash� and is a Senior Creative Developer at AKQA in London, where he enjoys spending all day with his tool of choice.

Richard was a late-comer to computers, but his interest peaked with the BBC Micro and began by learning a few classics (C, ASM, Pascal) before progressing to higher level languages, until one day stumbling across the awe inspiring works of the �golden age� Flash masters. At this point, Richard decided to make Flash his new favourite endeavour.

Richard has since spent his time working and playing with Flash and other experience-enabling technologies, trying to get them to do things you don't expect them to.

With Flash Lite and mobile this has enabled more than ever before. He finds it's always a pleasant surprise to show a group of people something you can do with Flash Lite that they hadn't expected was possible. This is what makes the mobile arena the most recent 'last frontier'.


Flash Lite 2

In this session Richard will get down to some heavy Flash Lite that makes use of some of the more advanced features available in Flash Lite 2.X including multi-user apps (including writing and hosting your own socket server).

He will cover many of the stumbling blocks people encounter when making the leap from desktop to Flash Lite and how we can use it to engage real people on real phones right now.

If time allows it he will also try to answer some of the frequently asked questions on the subject as well as any from the audience.


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