Seb Lee-Delisle


Seb has been a multimedia programmer for over 15 years. He combines his eye for design and animation with his understanding of maths and physics to give his work that extra flare and sparkle.

Over the last 5 years he has specialised in game development, focussing on particularly complex high-profile projects and high-traffic sites. Notable clients include BBC, Sony, Philips, Unilever. and Barclays.

Seb's games have pushed the boundaries of 3D and physics simulations in Flash, and he has developed a reusable Flash 3D engine that handles light sourcing, texture mapping, and video integration.

He is regularly invited to speak about his work with various organisations, such as FlashForward, Sussex University and FlashCodersNewYork. He is known for his ability to communicate seemingly complex subject-matter in a friendly and accessible way.


3D in Flash - The quest for the third D

OK, so you've managed to get a handle on drawing and moving things in 2D, but what happens when you add another D?

We'll be looking at how things aren't really all that different when you start working in three dimensions. We'll be jargon-busting, myth-busting, and making the whole concept so straight-forward you'll wonder why you didn't work it out sooner.

Using Philips - The Simple Game as a case study, we'll go step by step through the development process, examining the hurdles encountered and innovations discovered in areas such as texture mapping, light shading, backface culling, projectile physics, cloth and spring simulation.

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