Snow Dowd

Snow Dowd


Snow Dowd is the co-author of the Flash Bible series (Wiley). Snow also collaborates with partner Robert Reinhardt at [theMAKERS] to develop interactive content, print graphics, and training materials for leading companies.

[theMAKERS] design dynamic systems that grow gracefully. With an understanding of creative content and experience handling rich media assets, they provide clients with the tools to maintain and update content for Web and DVD delivery. Multilingual content and dynamic asset loading are no longer special features, but rather requirements for many businesses and artists alike. Attention to the real-world needs of each client ensures that projects made by [theMAKERS] have a life of their own.


WRITING YOUR WAY TO THE TOP (or at least taking your career to the next level)

Do you feel like you've reached a point in your career where you need more industry exposure? After years of establishing a large portfolio of work, many designers and developers don't know the steps they can take to further their careers. Writing is a crucial part of the industry profile that many successful technical and creative people rely on to generate business and enhance their professional credibility.

Get the inside scoop from two authors who are on the shelf in many countries with each new release of Flash. Robert Reinhardt and Snow Dowd will share tips, tricks and cautionary tales on how to break into the technical writing field and make it part of a well-rounded career: the pros and cons of having an agent, who the big players are in publishing, how to make money even if your book never "earns out", how writing can boost your business and keep you ahead of the curve. Plus, practical steps you can take to get in the publishing game and make writing part of a smart strategy for a long and rewarding career. This presentation also touches upon alternatives to traditional publishing.