Aral Balkan

Aral Balkan


Aral Balkan acts and sings, leads development teams, designs user experiences, architects RIAs, runs, the London Macromedia User Group, and his company, Ariaware

Aral loves talking design patterns, authored Arp (the Open Source RIA Framework for the Flash Platform), writes for books and magazines, is generally quite opinionated, animated, and passionate, loves to smile, and can even chew gum and walk.


Let's talk about SWX, baby!

There's a world of data out there and lots of fun to be had with it. If only working with data in Flash was easier.

How easy?

  1. Open the SWX Data Analyzer

  2. Launch Flash, create a movie clip, and give it the instance name loader.

  3. Add this code to the frame that loader is on:

loader.serviceClass = "Flickr";
loader.method = "swxPhotosGetRecent";
loader.debug = true;
loader.loadMovie("", "GET");

Test your movie and look in the SWX Data Analyzer to see the list of the 100 most recent Flickr photographs as they load into Flash. (To see the source URL for the first photo in Flash, just trace out loader.result[0].src once the data has loaded).

That's four-lines-of-code easy.

You-don't-have-to-be-a-rocket-scientist easy.

These-instructions-fit-onto-a-moo-card easy!

And that, dear attendee, is SWX (SWF Data Format). SWX is Aral's new, open, and native data format for Flash that uses simple SWF files to store and exchange data. It's easy enough for anyone to use!

In this session, Aral Balkan loosens his collar and goes barefoot to share his recent experiences in rediscovering the fun side of Flash with SWX.

Join Aral for an honest, relaxed, and inspirational presentation on letting go and having fun with geekery. Expect Flickr and Twitter mashups, mobile apps with Flash Lite, talking plastic bunnies, and lots of free SWX (that's with a 'W'... tsk, tsk!) :)


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