Carole Guevin

Carole Guevin


Carole Guevin is an experienced communication designer, new media pioneer, theorist, philosopher and founding partner of Feed Your Eyes creative continuum, the publisher of Netdiver digital culture magazine.

She is an internationally recognized driving force through her work as editor, empowering inspiration through editorial content and portfolio exposure of the creative industry professionals, students and firms online and beyond.

She champions the LUV of design worldwide and has contributed to the success of hundreds of known and not so known designers and artists.

An unrelenting industry evangelist, activist and catalyst, she is part of the Adobe Design Achievement Award jury who picked the 2007 outstanding students. Julius Wiedemann, editor in charge at Taschen GmbH, included Netdiver as part of his TED University session 100 Websites You Should Know and Use and Vitaly Friedman, chief editor of Smashing Magazine, named Netdiver as one of the 42 Design/Tech Magazines To Read.


Self Promotion

Debunking the myths and other truths. Tall order? Benefit from Carole's unique point of view afforded after reviewing 150,000 portfolios!

  • Stardom or reputation?
  • Being creative is not a job
  • Dodging the hidden bullets
  • The 6 seconds and less pitch
  • Billing your assets
  • What's in and out of a strong portfolio
  • Making it on the (world) map
  • In case of doubt, jump

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