Craig Swann

Craig Swann


Craig Swann is founder of the award-winning interactive agency CRASH!MEDIA.

Craig has been working in the online space since 1995 and has been a core part of the Flash community since its inception. As an educator, curator, speaker, and writer of new media technologies, Craig has given 20 international talks on Flash, written and contributed to seven Flash books, and curated over a dozen new media events featuring some of the world's brightest Flash and interactive developers.

His Flash work at CRASH! has received over a dozen awards and has been featured in both print and on television. Craig's interactive audio work has developed into the multi-award winning online music application Looplabs, which has been used by such clients as Coca-Cola, Miller, Bacardi, Calvin Klein, Toyota, Sony, and others.


Perceptive Interactions + Alternative Interfaces

In this session, Craig will explore new approaches to interaction design through his unique concept of "userfacing".

Through sight, sound and motion we can inject perceptive capabilities (and thus a sense of intelligence and life) into our programmed experiences.

By exploring physical interfaces and re-examining time and space we can create exciting interactive possibilities where the user becomes the interface and the environment becomes a fresh, new interactive canvas.

Craig will also share a number of exciting opportunities to extend the Flash experience via Controller boards, RFID and alternative interfaces such as MIDI, Wii, Sensors and MultiTouch systems.

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