Dave Williamson

Dave Williamson


Dave is a freelance developer with 10 years of industry experience in the production and deployment of rich media websites and applications for clients such as Ford, Intel, Adidas, Microsoft and Sony.

Dave's work has been focused on the production and integration of Flash and Flash Platform based technologies since 1997, with a special interest in localisation and multilingual content.


Localising Flash Content and Applications

There is no avoiding it. More and more projects require some level of localisation.

Clients want their micro site deployed across Europe, banners to support the whole of EMEA, and global intranet applications that are accessed across the planet.

Through this session we will look at what it means to localise Flash, Flex, and FlashLite presentations and applications and provide some examples and techniques that you can use in the field.

This session will be relevant to any designer or developer that has had to produce localised content, or indeed had to localise an existing project.

The session will also be relevant to project managers and art directors that are expected to deliver localised content.