Dominic Minns

Dominic Minns


Dominic Minns started his career with an apprenticeship in comics under the great Don Lawrence. After a spell as a professional musician, he started a 5 year stint in the film industry as a production designer, art director, and 1st Assistant Director.

He returned to full-time drawing and illustration in 1999 and has been illustrating and animating in Flash ever since. In early 2005, Dominic joined Plug-In Media as Creative Director, enabling the company to expand into console gaming consultancy and film production.

He is also a keen ukulele player.


Game Development

Dominic will run the morning session of this very popular workshop.

The morning will focus on conceptualization, planning, drawing and animation of game sprites within flash and sound.

The mornings session will prepare attendees for the afternoon, which will look at building a game including physics, moving objects, collision detection, timers and more.