Erik Natzke

Erik Natzke


Natzke is an interactive designer who blurs the borders between design and technology.

He is a risk-taker with no fear of failure and an unflagging determination to never throw in the towel, Natzke's Midwest work ethic andrare talent serve him well as he pioneers the frontiers of art and science.

Recently named one of the Top 10 Young Designers by HOW magazine, Natzke, along with his commercial and personal work, are applauded throughout the world of international design and advertising.


Beyond the Knowledge: The Art of Playing

Sometimes the most effective way to captivate an audience is through delivering an experience that defies the convention.

Pioneering the bleeding edges of technologies is not unlike spending countless hours building Lego's as a child.

Knowledge being the foundation while imagination becomes the building blocks for the Inventor/MacGyver spirit within us all.

Frequently trying to blur the lines between commercial work and artful experimentation, Erik Natzke spends an inordinate amount of time in search of ways to solve problems through less conventional means.

Erik's sessions will aim to highlight some of the key stages in his evolution as a Designer embracing the technology.

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