Jared Tarbell

Jared Tarbell


Jared Tarbell is one part Magical Mystery Tour (Lennon/McCartney), one part Brandenburg Concerto (J.S. Bach), and one part Somnium (Robert Rich).

In July 2005, Jared co-founded Etsy, an online marketplace to buy and sell handmade goods.

Born 1973 in the high altitude desert city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, he was first introduced to personal computers in 1987. Jared's interest in computation has grown in direct relation to the processing power of these machines.

Jared holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from New Mexico State University. He is expressly interested in the emergent phenomena of generative systems.

When not engaged in programming, Jared nearly always tries to find himself outside, exploring mysterious wilderness areas of the American southwest.


Algorithms to Fill Space

Take this wandering journey through a landscape of generative processes.

Jared will begin with a simple elementary particle and build increasingly complex systems to paint space.

From the practical, to the bizarre, a diverse collection of topics in computer science will be explored.

Emphasis will be made on how these ideas can be applied to one's creative work. A programming background is not required.

New algorithms will be shown. All computational artifacts Jared manages to get past customs will be given away.

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