Joey Lott

Joey Lott


Joey is the author of Complete Flash Remoting MX as well as the co-author of the ActionScript Bible. Joey has been teaching Flash and ActionScript since 1999 when he first began training throughout Southern California.

Joey has professional experience in the Internet industry beginning in 1996 including co-founding RightSpring, Inc. and consulting for YourMobile/Premium Wireless Services (J2EE B2C application) and (leading the development of a J2EE B2B application).


Stylizing Flex Applications

Flex 3 is a fantastic way to create rich Internet applications. Using a framework of many off-the-shelf components greatly simplifies building complex feature sets.

The key is learning to customize the appearance of an application to make components truly successful.

In this presentation, attendees will learn the different ways in which they can stylize Flex applications, including compile-time and runtime style sheets (CSS), embedding graphics, programmatic customization, and more. Learn through examples, and you'll learn pitfalls to avoid.

Furthermore, you?ll learn undocumented ways to further customize application appearance using Flex 3.

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