Kristin Henry

Kristin Henry


Kristin Henry is president and lead developer at GalaxyGoo, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing science literacy.

She specializes in developing educational applications and interactive visualizations of scientific data using Flash. In one of her recent projects, she developed an interactive visualization of ice core data for NASA.

Henry has presented at both industry and academic conferences including FlashForward and the Gordon Research Conference on Visualization in Science and Education.

She has contributed her knowledge of Flash in two books, including New Masters of Flash Volume 3 and Special Edition Using Macromedia Studio 8.

Recently, she was invited to contribute a piece to the Adobe design Center gallery.


Keep It Simple -- Building Complexity From Simple Structures

The complexity of the universe and all of life is based on simple building blocks. A metal is a metal, no matter how many times you melt or pound it. It's the sub-atomic particles of each atom that determine its character, and how it interacts with others.

Computational objects can be modeled on this simplicity, and in this session we will explore examples from nature and computational art, including the atom and fractals.

We'll look at some basic objects (both visual and code) and ask "what are it's sub-atomic particles?" Starting with these objects, we'll build up models of increasing complexity.

Attendees will get:

Inspirational examples from nature and science,
Confidence to jump in and start playing with AS3,
An appreciation for well encapsulated code and simplicity in code and design,
An introduction/overview of AS3 code samples that will be available online.