Lee Brimelow

Lee Brimelow


Lee Brimelow is a Platform Evangelist with Adobe. He has previously worked for McDonald's, Papa Ginos, Namco Pool Supply, Grand Targhee Ski Resort, Mack Dawg Productions, Barton Security,, AOL, Netscape, eBay, Stanford University, and frog design.

Lee is currently interested in mobile web development, Flash video, and everything Android.

Lee loves MMA, BJJ, tennis, lifting, eating, beer, TV, Ethan, and Giovanna.


Adobe AIR for Interactive Designers

Adobe AIR allows web developers to extend their reach onto the desktop using technologies like Flash, Flex, HTML, and JavaScript.

While this opens up a whole new world for developers, it also presents new opportunities and challenges for visual and interactive designers.

Join Lee as he discusses the "visual" side of AIR including how to develop applications in Flash CS3 Professional without having to use Flex.

Lots of examples and prototypes will be presented to help show off what's possible.

This talk will be targeted towards visual and interactive designers but will also be very helpful to traditional developers who are looking to add visual polish to their applications.

Topics will include:

In-depth explanation of the windowing API
When to use Flash and when to use Flex
Using the Flash CS3 Professional AIR extension
Controlling and animating native windows
Cross-platform design considerations
Lots of examples

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