Michelle Yaiser

Michelle Yaiser


Michelle Yaiser is an Assistant Professor of Interactive Media Design at The New England Institute of Art.

She teaches classes in ActionScript, object oriented programming, digital audio, and physical computing for interactive experiences.

Using Flash and a variety of devices and sensors, she has worked with her students to create a variety of both practical and creative interactive experiences including art installations, sound sculptures, and an interactive exercise bike that controls animation.

Teaching at an art college, many of Michelle's students are designers. This has lead her to find visually oriented, creative ways to teach programming. It also continually reinforces her belief that although not everyone can be a programmer, anyone can understand and use the core concepts of object oriented programming in ActionScript.

When she's not coding or teaching, Michelle is also a clarinetist and dancer performing in the Boston area.


Photoshop Production Tips for Flash Designers

After your designer brain has been fried by the mass absortion of ActionScript, OOP, Components, Flex and the other technical topics at FOTB, come to this session for a bit of pixel relief.

Michael will briefly walk you though the new Photoshop and Illustrator importer in Flash CS3, and then he will show you as many tricks as time allows on how to make your pixels look their best before bringing them into Flash in the first place.

  • Importing PSD and AI files into Flash CS3
  • How to control Flash's optimization settings for embedded bitmaps
  • How to load external JPEGs, PNGs and GIFs into a SWF file at runtime
  • Instant color cast removal
  • How to remove or reduce dreaded digital noise
  • Selective focus and sharpening techniques
  • Photoshop web optimization secrets
  • Resolving color conflicts between Photoshop and Flash