Rob Chiu

Rob Chiu


Rob Chiu has worked under the alias of The Ronin for 7 years in the field of motion design working for clients such as the BBC, Channel 4, idN, Filmmakers Entertainment and Digital Kitchen.

His short narrative based films have been featured in a number of film festivals including Edinburgh, OneDotZero and Resfest while gaining awards along the way.

He has given talks on his work at various design conferences such as Adobe Max, OFFF, FMX and Toca Me and is regularly invited to run workshops at Universities and institutions around the world.

Inspired by film, travel, and music, Chiu is constantly creating evocative stories with his work currently represented by Paris based Mr Hyde and New York's Curious Pictures.


Cinematic Motion Design

Rob will be speaking about various projects worked on under The Ronin and also his collaborative efforts under the Devoid of Yesterday banner.

Projects will be broken down with the concepts and ideas discussed, how audio plays a big part in the overall picture and also how photography and film influences and inspires the original ideas and concepts.

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