Andries Odendaal

Andries Odendaal


Andries Odendaal is an independent, Cape Town based creative working primarily - but not exclusively - as a designer and developer of interactive media.

As a creative in this field, he has received extensive global recognition for his work, and during his career has both been featured in - and contributed to - a number of printed and digital industry related publications.

He is regularly invited as a speaker at design & interactive media conferences around the world and has served on a number of judging panels including D&AD and One Show.

Andries has produced work (sometimes in collaboration with other agencies) for clients including•À_Discovery Channel, National Geographic, GettyImages, Diesel, Hewlett Packard, BBC,•À_Sky and The London Science Museum.


Exploitable Acts Of Playfulness.

Using both commercial and R&D projects as backdrop, Andries will discuss his work, related thought processes, and how a playful and explorative attitude informed these.

He will further outline how this attitude serves a broader strategy for producing interactive content that attempts to engage users by inviting them to do the same.


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