Aral Balkan

Aral Balkan


Aral Balkan acts and sings, leads development teams, designs user experiences, architects RIAs, runs, the London Macromedia User Group, and his company, Ariaware

Aral loves talking design patterns, authored Arp (the Open Source RIA Framework for the Flash Platform), writes for books and magazines, is generally quite opinionated, animated, and passionate, loves to smile, and can even chew gum and walk.


Welcome To The Cloud

Imagine this: You build a whole web application by yourself: the client in Flash or Flex, the server, the database. It's easy.

Keep imagining: You press a button and your application is deployed to The Cloud and scales perfectly no matter how much traffic it gets.

Now stop imagining and do it! With Google App Engine!

In this session Aral Balkan introduces you to Google App Engine, the latest technology solution from Google that heralds the dawn of the Commodity Web and gives us ordinary developers access to The Cloud.

Join Aral as he shares with you his real-world experiences in building the web site for the Singularity web conference, one of the first commercial web applications on Google App Engine.

The session takes you through the steps to build applications on Google App Engine using Flash, Flex, Python, ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and teaches you real-world tips and tricks.


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