Ben Stucki

Ben Stucki


Ben Stucki is an independent Flex developer and consultant with a background in standards based web development.

After a long love affair with Flash experimentation, Ben downloaded Flex and posted some of the first fluid and interactive custom Flex components to the otherwise grey-blue world of Rich Internet Applications.

Today Ben continues to post sample code through his blog at and contributes to many well known Flex projects including OpenFlux, Degrafa, FlexLib and Metaphile.

Occasionally he writes for publications or speaks at conferences because it makes him feel cool.


Advanced Flexing For Flash Developers

Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. You know, like nun-chuck skills, bow hunting skills, Flex hacking skills... It seems like everybody's looking for Flex developers lately, but you'd have to be into Java and MVC patterns to like using Flex right?

In this session, Ben will take you past the grey/blue world of everyday Flex, and into the key areas of the framework where Flash skills separate the men from the boys. This isn't a Flash Component Kit walk through or a Flex skinning session. This is a sixty minute guide to turning your knowledge of the Flash Player into killer Flex know-how. Walk in as a Flash developer, walk out as a Flex pro.