Carlo Blatz

Carlo Blatz


Carlo Blatz specialized himself in Flash in 1997. Since then he has shared his acquired knowledge in various workshops and international lectures.

The author of the first professional German book about Flash is known as one of the most dedicated Flash pioneers of the German Flash scene. His agency, POWERFLASHER, develops multimedia applications and is with more than 1000 references one of the leading European supplier for Adobe Flash solutions and surrounding technologies.

The team of 30 specialists has positioned itself as a service provider for creative and technological innovative Flash content with clients like AOL, Bayer AG, IBM, LG, Lycos, Sony and many more. POWERFLASHER earned international reputation for public releasing of their flash development eclipse IDE 'FDT'


How To Be A Webinnovator - Experience Matters?

From the creator of and one of Germany√•¬ęs most well-respected web innovators, Carlo Blatz shows to mystify and amaze visitors the world over. He and his team at Powerflasher is specialised to build innovative webcontent since over 11 years. So he will share what they have learned. What are the spaces to be creative? Where to get all the unique ideas? What are the technics for brainstorming? In this presentation. Carlo reveals how to be think like an innovator when designing and programming Flash content, and how make your Flash designs more creative and interesting.


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