Dr Woohoo

Dr Woohoo


Dr. Woohoo (translation: Serious Fun), is a New Mexico based artist and developer creating . Woohoo creates art that fuse the intelligence of algorithms, the creative expressiveness of natural, organic media with behaviors found in natural systems.

Woohoo's projects typically flow from the abstract to the practical. To generate his artwork, he cyclically moves between creating his own color and brush applications and plug-ins that attempt to capture his emotions and artistic vision, while emulating natural media.

Woohoo's artwork can be found online, on tv, prints, canvas, silk kimonos, as kinetic sculptures and soon as glass sculptures.

As a simple rule, he chooses to integrate rather than duplicate features that already exist in the creative applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Maya and Painter) that he uses.

This aÄ la carte approach allows Woohoo to mix-n-match any feature from these applications along with his own bag of tricks and sculpt them into his own set of uber-creative application(s) with the aid of openFrameworks.

From a creative perspective, this allows him to extend his creative capabilities. From a practical perspective, it turns out that the processes and tools created for Generative Art are a perfect match for automating and adding to the intelligence of the creative process and workflow giving the artist an infinite amount of possibilities, while focusing in on variations that are relevant to that persons preferences.


Transforming Ideas To Pixels To Atoms

The only way to allow my artistic vision to take form was to create applications and scripts that could intelligently analyze colors, influence brush strokes by music and other data streams, control the behaviors and the form of the paint ? influencing the paint from natural dynamics like gravity and wind and shape-shifting the form into unexpected shapes like glass, and then paint it onto the surface or texture map of the digital 3d models.

For the final transition from pixels-to-atoms, the form needed to embrace properties that allowed me to print it in a 2d plane on canvas or laser-cut/etched on acrylic, as well as cnc-milled into a 3d physical model that I could use for casting that would eventually become the glass, ceramic and metal sculptures.

Woohoo's presentation will explore the process and tools of tranforming ideas-to-pixels-to-atoms as well as the end results.


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