Geoff Lillemon

Geoff Lillemon


Geoff Lillemon is a Netherlands based surrealist working in the net art movement producing fine art on the domain (

In 2005 he had his first solo exhibition at the Museo Tamayo, Mexico City, was the invit•À_ d'honneur at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, performed his collaborative music project l'Orchestre de Oculart at CCCB Barcelona /OFFF, New York, Toronto, and Mexico.

Recently he has implemented his unique art into a successful research lab called Champagne Valentine with long time collaborator Anita Fontaine, they are currently producing art projects and commercial exhales with award winning advertising agency Modernista! in Amsterdam.


Stop And Smell The Internet

Geoff Lillemon will talk about exploring fine art in an innovative yet primitive digital gallery space.

Then expanding the new emerging medium and becoming an Amsterdam based surrealist whose celebrated work quickly influenced the Net Art Movement incorporating romantic old world art processes with high end new media performances, interactive art, and motion.

His hyper-stylized electronic paintings fuse the traditional processes of creating art with the limitless capabilities of the computer.

The Oculart repertoire will be dissected into an evolving presentation going through the experimental process of each piece of art and then into the concept of the website being a a voyerstic view into the mind of a life long artistic exploration.