Geoff Stearns

Geoff Stearns


Geoff is a senior software developer at Schematic, where he develops websites and web applications for many Fortune 500 clients.

Among the list of clients he has worked with are Adobe, Comcast, GameTap, New York's MoMA, MTV, Snapple, Starz (Vongo), XM Radio, and Sony Pictures Classics.

He is the author of the SWFObject Flash Player detection script and is an expert in Flash / Javascript interaction.

Geof also teaches front-end web development at The Cooper Union in New York, and maintains a weblog at, where he discusses Flash and web development.


Youtube Lessons Learned

How would you build a Flash widget that is used by hundreds of millions of users every day?

In this session we'll talk about rebuilding the YouTube video players. Part case study, part tutorial, this session will talk about how we went about rebuilding what is possibly the internet's most used Flash widget.

This session will also include an overview of the YouTube player APIs which allow you to build your own custom player for playing YouTube videos and creating mashups.

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