Hoss Gifford

Hoss Gifford


Hoss Gifford is the founder of the award-winning, Glasgow-based new media agency Flammable Jam and currently works as a freelance interactive director.

He is the co-author of several books including New Masters of Flash and Flash Video Creativity. In addition to speaking engagements, Gifford takes on personal commissions such as the Life of Pi promo at

He has something to amuse and offend just about everyone and is particularly proud of his popular (Scotland)


Abstract Narrative

The three most important elements of compelling creativity are narrative, narrative and narrative Ñ so why do so many of us dismiss narrative as a tool for toon animators and film makers?

A careful examination of the most rewarding user experiences reveals a strong use of narrative. If youÕre already creating successful creative work then you are no doubt imbuing that work with a rich story, even if you donÕt realise that youÕre doing it!

Despite the title, this talk wonÕt examine traditional narrative usage, instead looking at how abstracted narrative can make the difference between success and mediocrity in everything from interactive animations to online games to RIAs to marketing microsites Ñ with special attention given to the sharing of narrative between multiple users and how their interactions can enrich the story.

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