Joa Ebert

Joa Ebert


Joa Ebert is a non-blocking lock-free greedy coloring humanoid, specializing in technology hacks of the metaverse.

Started programming at the age of 8 and a FutureSplash developer since 96, Joa continuously honed his skills in founding and failing startups. Since he spent more than 71.4% of his lifetime as a coder he came to the conclusion that technology and writing code is a mess but is stuck in an infinite recursion until the universe stack overflows.

With an interest in the deep understanding of things, he (tries to) works on virtual machines and programming languages in his spare time. Sometimes he is pursuing the mastery of puff pastry.

Joa co-founded defrac in 2013 and has been working 169 hours a week ever since.


Audiotool'S Private Parts

The Hobnox Audiotool is a RIA allowing users to create music in CD quality using their browser.
All started with a hack by Andre Michelle in 2005 allowing developers to synthesize sound in ActionScript at runtime. Several years later the work on an application began and resulted in the Audiotool.

This session will take you into the details of how things work; problems we came across and how we solved them (MAKE SOME NOISE!?).

Joa Ebert will not talk about digital signal processing that much. Andre Michelle offers a great session with the new FlashPlayer 10 features on this.

Although it will get technical: lean back, get inspired, see how we work and hopefully avoid mistakes we made.


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