Julian Dolce

Julian Dolce


Julian Dolce is a Senior Flash Developer at QNX Software Systems.

Previously, Julian was the Director of Creative Technologies at Fuel Industries in Ottawa, a company specializing in online branded entertainment that focuses on creating immersive and engaging web experiences for its clients and their customers.

As a valuable contributor to Fuel Industries' successes, Julian directs his team to remain on the cutting edge of new design technologies in order to create the most original Flash and Silverlight Applications.


Creating The Next Generation Happy Meal Toy

From the initial creative to the distribution of 80 million units, join Julian, Director of Creative Technologies with Fuel Industries for an intimate look at the process driving development for McDonalds' next generation Happy Meal Toy.

Explore the inevitable challenges that working with a highly inter-disciplinary team presents.

Learn about the various tools and approaches adopted to ensure a smooth project work flow from conceptual to delivery, on time and within budget.


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