Keith Peters

Keith Peters


Keith began playing with Flash in 1999. After a couple of years making really horrible Flash web sites and huge intros, he discovered ActionScript, and has not looked back.

Keith's award winning personal experimental web site, features over 500 cutting edge flash experiments, with source available. It also has a series of tutorials on ActionScript which have been downloaded countless times and translated into many languages.

Keith has contributed to eight books on Flash and written several magazine articles on various Flash subjects.

Keith lives near Boston, MA in the USA, and is a Senior Flash Developer at Brightcove (


Advanced Actionscript Animatio

The book Foundation ActionScript Animation: Making Things Move!, Keith described many of the basic techniques for coding animation in Flash - velocity, acceleration, easing, springs, 3D, etc.

There was a lot that didn't make it into that book though. In this session, Keith will introduce you to a few more advanced techniques planned for an upcoming sequel to Making Things Move.


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