de Weggheleire

Koen de Weggheleire


Koen De Weggheleire is a faculty member of the Technical University of West-Flanders (HOWEST) where he teaches Flash Platform Solutions (Flash, Flex, AIR) with a smile.

As the Adobe User Group Manager for Belgium ( and Adobe Community Expert for Flash, Koen is heavily addicted to the community and inspires the community by his blog at and by speaking at several events (Adobe MAX, FITC, 360 Flex, Flashbelt, Flash on the beach...).

He coordinates the yearly Belgian multimedia conference ""Multi-Mania"" ( where 1000 people come together to learn from industry experts and to share knowledge.

Koen is author for friendsofED and published the book ""Flex for Developers"". He is currently working on the book ""Advanced AIR applications"" which will be published later this year.For O'Reilly, Koen is also working at the ""Adobe AIR cookbook"". When there is still some time left you can find Koen at his company ""Happy-Banana"" doing Flash Platform consultancy on advanced award-winning Rich Internet Applications.

When Koen is not talking ActionScript you can find him producing music, collecting goodies, eating pizza or renovating his 100 year old house.


Play With Pixels, Bitmap Manipulation With As3

Maybe you've used a displacement or convolution filter but never understood how it actually works...maybe you need some inspiration for your next mashup or you just want some tips on how you can make your daily bitmapdata life easier.

In this session Koen will explain in depth how to use Actionscript 3 to do real time image processing.

Fasten your seatbelt for an inspirational hour full of displacement, manipulation, convolution, matrices, webcam and of course a lot of bitmapdata and FUN!!

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