Lee Brimelow

Lee Brimelow


Lee Brimelow is a Platform Evangelist with Adobe. He has previously worked for McDonald's, Papa Ginos, Namco Pool Supply, Grand Targhee Ski Resort, Mack Dawg Productions, Barton Security,, AOL, Netscape, eBay, Stanford University, and frog design.

Lee is currently interested in mobile web development, Flash video, and everything Android.

Lee loves MMA, BJJ, tennis, lifting, eating, beer, TV, Ethan, and Giovanna.


Platform Jiu-Jitsu

The Flash Platform has blown up over the last year and it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. This session will cover the latest Platform tools and technologies that you need to know in order to KTFO your career.

Flash Player 10, Flash CS4, AIR, Pixel Bender, and AS3 can be your enemy if you are uninformed. Be sure to attend this session so you can take them down and force them to tap out or black out.

Time permitting, non-Platform techniques like the kimura, RNC, omoplata, and triangle will also be covered.

Since I'm an Adobe employee, maybe, just maybe, they will let me show some things that haven't been seen before.

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