Marco Casario

Marco Casario


Marco has been passionate about informatics since he was little more than a child and used to program games in Basic for Commodore 64 before dedicating himself, while still very young, to innovative projects for the web using Flash and Director (as far back as versions 3 and 5.) In 2001, he began to collaborate with Macromedia Italy. Since that year he has produced and headed a long series of presentations, conferences and articles, which you can find listed in detail in his blog entitled ""hands on Adobe world"" (,) which is currently receiving several thousands of unique visitors every day.

In 2005, Marco has founded Comtaste a company dedicated to exploring new frontiers in Rich Internet Applications and the convergence between the web and the world of mobile devices?MobyMobile and YouThru are representative of their recent work.

Another example of Marco's achievements is that he is founder of the biggest worldwide Flash Lite User Group and of, a reference point for the Italian community of Adobe users, in which he carries out the role of Channel Manager for the section dedicated to Flex

He is author of AIR Cookbook (O'Reilly), Advanced AIR Applications ( FriendsOfED), The Essential Guide to AIR with Flash CS4, Flex Solutions: Essential Tecniques for Flex 2 and Flex 3 developers ( FriendsOfED). and is the co-author/technical editor of Essential Flash 8, Professional Flex 2, Flash Application for mobile devices


Mash-Up Widgets With Adobe Air

The "mash up" term was initially referred to the music field and represented the act of producing a new sound by mixing two or more existing pieces together.

In the web field, a mash up is an application that combines data from two or more sources into a single integrated tool.

A mash-up application traditionally runs in a client web browser. By using Adobe AIR you can now easily port your mash up applications outside the web browser and the sandbox security restrictions onto the desktop.

A simple mash-up application can leverage the Adobe AIR APIs to save your Flickr's favourite images locally, capture a frame image from a YouTube video, or storing the history of your Twitter messages in a local database .

In this session you'll learn how to set up your application to consume some of the most popular web services to make your AIR desktop applications sexy and to provide useful functionalities to end users.


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