Mike Downey

Mike Downey


Mike Downey is the Sr. Product Manager for Flash at Adobe Systems.

Mike has been passionately involved with web technologies since the late 90s when he began working with software like Macromedia Flash, which became the standard for motion and interactivity on the Internet.

Since joining Macromedia in 2000 (which later merged with Adobe Systems) he has strived to share this passion with customers all over the world.

As an experienced instructor, presenter, and developer, Mike has met with thousands of designers, developers, and technologists through numerous live and online events.

Mike has also been a featured presenter at conferences such as FlashForward, FiTC, Macworld, Spark, WebDU, Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne, Macromedia MAX and several others.


The Business Side Of Air: How To Sell Your Clients On Air Apps

Adobe AIR, a downloadable platform for running web-friendly apps on any operating system, is still pretty fresh on the market, but it already has a healthy number of applications in development or near completion.

While many of them are simply desktop translations of web interfaces that were easy to use already, a handful of AIR apps truly make work and play easier, or just more interesting.

Mike is the Principal Evangelist for Platform Business Development at Adobe Systems and focuses on Adobe?s platform technologies including AIR, Flash, and Flex. As such he is perfectly positioned to pass on his knowledge of what clients are looking for, what they want from their AIR apps, and what turns them on when looking for their next AIR app.


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