Nando Costa

Nando Costa


Nando Costa is a Brazilian graphic designer and director. Nando has created a wide range of artworks for both print and interactive.

With four years of traditional drawing and experimental photography and painting education at the well respected Brazilian Art School of Parque Lage, Nando gradually developed his own style as an illustrator and has made his work well-recognized all over the world.

Over the following years Costa showcased a variety of graphic experiments involving a combination of illustrations, Flash and Music.

Nando is Creative Director at Nervo, a design firm based in Portland.

Nervo's diverse collective of digital artists create filmed and animated artwork for a variety of TV and online applications.

The studio's wide-range of styles and techniques is influenced by their great interest in analog art. Nervo's have produced solutions for a wide range of names such as McCann-Erickson, Arnold Worldwide, Concept Farm, Microsoft, Timex, Dentyne Ice and Nike amongst others.



For the last 8 years I have been focusing my time on designing and directing animation.

Overtime the creative and technical challenges changed and the work morphed, re-defining my methods and creating new interests.

I plan to share some of the process behind the work we do at Nervo, how the ideas materialize in a concise way, but still keeping the creative process very spontaneous.


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