Peter Elst

Peter Elst


Peter Elst is a certified Flash developer, Adobe Community Expert, and User Group Manager for the MMUG Belgium.

As the managing director of MindStudio, a freelance Flash platform consultant, and a respected member of the online community, Peter has spoken at various international industry events and published his work in leading journals.

Most recently Peter was the lead author of Object-Oriented ActionScript for Flash 8 (Friends of ED, 2006).


Air Beyond The Basics - Taming The Desktop

In this session we'll move beyond discussing the basic AIR APIs and start looking at how you can push the envelope and get some solid desktop integration happening with the Adobe Integrated Runtime. Through deconstructing various example applications (ranging from fun and zany to downright practical) you'll get a feel for what is possible with Adobe AIR and get inspired to build your own cross-platform desktop applications with Flash, Flex and AJAX.

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