Tom Baker

Tom Baker


Tom Baker Freelance character animator and illustrator. Tom Baker did a science degree before earning a Postgraduate Certificate in Character Animation at Central Saint Martins. He is priamarily a character animator which usually means breathing life into other people's characters and ideas.

He has animated on a number of very different productions including the comedy Modern Toss (created by John Link and Mick Bunnage), the animated trailer for the PS3 game Heavenly Sword (created and directed by Ben Hibon), and the Paramount Comedy Channel as well as creating Combat Wombat.

Other work includes Paramount Comedy, Paramount TV spots(produced by 12foot6), E-stings comp, Geekboy(created and by Jake & Unit9) and Couch dog.

He is currently working on the third season of the BAFTA-nominated Cartoon Network series Skatoony (created by James Fox).


Life In Cartoons (As Seen On Tv)

This session is for anyone interested in working on animated Cartoons, commissioning a cartoon, who has seen a Cartoon or knows someone who has seen a cartoon.

I will explain what it is like to work as a freelance 2D character animator in London, how I became one and how you can go about becoming one.

We will look at the studio system (or working for various studios), who the bigs boys of animation are and what it is like working on large projects such as TV series and small projects such as web banners.

The session will outline some of the characters you might encounter along the way, some of the pitfalls and clever ways around them both.

To make this all interesting IÕll also be showing tonnes of cool clips from cartoons and animations I've worked on and tips on how it was done.