Colin Moock

Colin Moock


Colin Moock is a world-renowned ActionScript expert with a passion for networked creativity and expression.

As an educator, Moock has guided an entire generation of Flash developers to ActionScript proficiency with his acclaimed books, articles, videos, and speaking tours--including the canonical Essential ActionScript 3.0 (O?Reilly & Associates, 2007) and 'The Lost ActionScript 3.0 Weekend' (O'Reilly, 2009).

As an innovator, Moock is dedicated to ushering in what he calls ""the Multiuser Era"": a time where no application will be without multiuser features.

His Union Platform gives developers the tools to join the quest by adding multiuser interactivity to their own content.


Union and MegaPhone

Join Colin Moock's mission to user in the multiuser computing era. Learn how to create multiuser Flash applications with the Union Platform.

Experience phone-controlled, multiuser big-screen gaming with MegaPhone!