Grant Skinner

Grant Skinner


Grant Skinner is an internationally recognized leader in the field of interactive development.
His body of work spans experimental interaction, applications, games, websites, installations, embedded devices, and mobile, with a recent focus on projects that span multiple environments.

Grant fuses his experience with design, user experience, development, and business with a driving creativity to produce projects that push the boundaries of interactive technologies.

While building into a leading interactive production shop, Grant has worked with a wide range of high calibre clients including Google, Microsoft, Adobe, AOL, BBC, Salesforce, Nissan, GE, EA, CNN, and DirectTV.

Most recently, Grant has been working on bringing Flash-like interactive experiences to the open web via tools & libraries such as CreateJS, Zoe, and the Flash Pro Toolkit For CreateJS.


Quick as a Flash

Making interactive experiences and application more responsive and less CPU intensive requires a multi-pronged approach that considers code, art, animation, and user experience.

This session will teach you basic optimization theory and how to benchmark performance.

It will also cover specific code optimizations and tricks for making your graphics and animations perform better.

Real world examples, comparative metrics, simple code snippets, and visual demonstrations will clearly define the techniques and outcomes.


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