Jared Ficklin

Jared Ficklin


Jared Ficklin is a Principal Technologist for frog design, where he has been creating Flash of all types for nine years.

Having worked professionally with digital technologies and Flash for Ten years, his current focus is User Experience Design and the Rapid Prototyping of Device User Interfaces.

A passion for musical performance outside of professional life lead to the hobby of using Flash for Sound Visualization.

Along with having appeared as the Grand Marshall for the Denver St. Patrick's day parade, Jared plays guitar with his twin brother in their Geek Rawk band John Galt, is the Executive Co-Director of the Austin Public Skatepark Action Committee, appeared on PBS as a participant on Texas Ranch House, and once was the Grand Marshall for the Denver St. Patrick?s day parade largely due to nepotism.


Seeing Sound - Sound Visualization in Nature & Code

My hope is to both inform and inspire in a kind of Maker Faire atmosphere of high school physics and digital examples of Sound Visualization.

The session should reveal techniques and lower barriers to entry, but this is not a strict How To. There is a greater amount of Why For and Maybe If.

The session will start off with some Cymatics and an exploration of what sound is in the physical world and end in shotgun blast of ideas of what visualization can be in the virtual world or the emerging shared human digital space.

The bridge in the middle are some thoughts about how to approach sound visualization in Flash, the mathematical difference between sound and music and a quick peek into some code I use to help make things easier for myself.

I might attempt to visually explain what FFT actually means. But if I do I promise to make up for that numerous visual examples spanning from a song as an single aesthetic impression to improving Closed Captioning.

Oh, and if you did not know I show videos of Sound Visualization in fire.


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